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When you need to move information between different database systems, or perform sophisticated manipulations of the data within a single system, you need The Data Magician.

The Data Magician provides an easy way to transfer data between various database, text-base and library automation systems. It has the power and flexibility to manipulate the contents of fields while transforming the actual format of the file. It performs magic on your data!

Flexible Input:

The Data Magician accepts data in a variety of file formats from a multitude of sources. Sources include:

Flexible Output:

Regardless of the format of the input data, The Data Magician can transfer your data into any of the following formats:

Magical Data Transformations:

While it converts the file format, The Data Magician transforms your data in the ways you specify:

Powerful Data Conversion Capabilities:

Ready to Transfer Your Important Information:

The Data Magician helps users around the world with many kinds of data conversion projects. Some examples include:

System Requirements:

Demonstration Program

The demonstration program has all of the features of the full version, except that it converts only the first 10 records of a file.

You can request a free demonstration copy of The Data Magician with an electronic manual.

Ordering The Data Magician:

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